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Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

The Liv Onyx 3 gas stove is possibly the most realistic gas effect stove available in today’s marketplace, with the added bonus of a mirrored effect back for a deeper flame effect, three-sided glass is perfect for views from different aspects of your living space, flue options include conventional or balanced flue.

Sleek Remote Control

The Onyx Liv 3 has a 94.3% efficiency with up to a 4.5kw output this would be perfect for a small to medium living space, the easy-to-use thermostatically remote control will help maintain the desired room temperature.

A thermostatic remote control helps maintain the desired room temperature, the Onyx Liv 3 has an impressive efficiency of 94.3%, a small or medium-sized living space would be perfect for the Liv 3 with an output of between 2.1 up to 4.5kw.

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