DRU FIRES - DRU DEALER OF THE YEAR 2017 / 2018 / 2020

Fireplaces.co.uk / The Fireplaces Superstore now has the accolade as the leading supplier of DRU fires for 2017 and 2018, officially the leading company of gas fires sales throughout the UK. Dru is the market leader in luxury gas fires, electric fires & stoves located in the Netherlands Dru now distribute fires throughout Europe and the UK. There is nothing quite like enjoying the unique flame picture and the pleasant warm glow of a designer DRU gas fireplace. We’re proud to stock Dru Fires, a modern, high-quality reliable brand. The glow of a beautiful, sleek and stylish Dru gas fireplace will lend elegance and warmth to your home. Dru Fires are a leading European manufacturer and they offer the latest generation of gas fires. They have high heat outputs but are environmentally friendly and easy to operate.These fires can be installed whether you have a chimney or not and all models are glass-fronted with energy efficiency up to 85%.

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Luxury Gas Fire Designs

Most high quality DRU gas fires feature a balanced flue system. This is a system that was originally developed by DRU. Thanks to the balanced flue system, your fireplace will be a room-sealed appliance with air being drawn from outside the room for combustion, and waste gases go outside. (Or, you can opt for a selection of conventional flue models that will fit your standard UK chimney openings.) 

Another one of the advantages of DRU fires is that they utilise innovative new technology for ease of use. You can log into the Eco Wave app to control the pattern of the flame and gas consumption of the fire. It’s even possible to use the app to control your gas consumption level and diagnose technical faults. 

Plus, there’s the PowerVent system. This is an extended, motorised flue system that allows gas fires to be installed in locations that were previously inaccessible. This means that a gas fire can be installed in a high-rise apartment. 

High-Quality Products

A beautiful Dru fires fireplace brings value and desirability to your living space. Plus, using a gas fireplace (especially one as efficient as this) will reduce your yearly heating costs. 

The high efficiency and generous heat outputs of these fireplaces mean that they are very good for the environment. If you’re looking to design a home with a smaller carbon footprint - these fireplaces are just right for you. 

When you invest in this beautiful fireplace, the investment can simply transform your home. You can create a whole new living experience that will make your living room feel so much more luxurious. 

Stylish and Sophisticated Designs

DRU Fires are known for their beautiful and balanced designs. Whenever they design a fireplace, they imagine the role it plays in the lives of its customers. They work tirelessly to create something that is functional and beautiful. These fireplaces are more than just a glowing hearth - they are a work of art. 

When you add the warm glow of the fire, it will create a strong calming effect. After all, haven’t human beings been drawn to fire since the beginning of time? You can bring this soothing effect into your home with a DRU Fires fireplace and experience the relaxing atmosphere. 

We offer a wide range of DRU range fireplaces and we’d love to answer any questions you might have about choosing a fireplace for your home. Take a look around our virtual showroom here, or visit us in person for an expert fireplace consultation.