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eReflex 150RW

The eReflex 150RW is the latest dynamic electric fire from the eReflex collection, featuring the latest Chromalight technology, possibly the most realistic electric fire in today’s marketplace the 150RW¬† would be the perfect fire for a media wall system with a choice of a single-sided installation multi-sided or a corner option.

Powerful App

The eReflex 150RW is available as an OIS or Android smart device, this powerful app is perfect for remotely controlling your fire from a phone or tablet.

Key Features

The fuel bed has glowing embers for the ultimate realism, a choice of Oak effect or crystal ice effect, three flame colour choices, downlighting illuminates logs with lighting to complement  flames, up to a 2kw programmable heating and flames that can be enjoyed when the heat is off.

Please reach out to a trained member of staff for any help you may require.

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