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Dru Gas Fires

Dru is the worlds leading supplier of luxury gas fireplaces, located in the Netherlands In a state of the art manufacturing facility, the company originated in 1754 producing cast iron products, from the 1960s Dru became the market leader in gas fires and wall heaters.

Dru The Company in The 21st Century

In 1991 Dru relocated to Duiven from the original home in Ulft. Dru now specializes in balanced flue gas fireplaces all designed in their modern manufacturing facility, the company now distributes a range of fires and fireplaces to a dealer network in three countries which spans from Europe and beyond.

The Environment

Dru leads the way within the fireplace industry with high-efficiency ratings for their heating products, recently achieving A Label for the entire range of products, environmentally friendly fireplaces are at the forefront of the initial design process of the best selling fireplaces. The Dru collection of fireplaces now include front tunnel three and two-sided gas fires perfect for today’s modern home designs.

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