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Focus the world-renowned producer of designer gas and wood fireplaces have introduced the new Gyrofocus Glazer a fully closed heating appliance Ecodesign ready compliant with regulations coming in to force January 2022. Focus has designed a curved glass window on the previously open fireplace with no adjustments to the award-winning design of this popular wood fire. Since 2015 Focus has been working vigorously toward the new regulations and now has a 4 selling rating in Italian regulations known as the most demanding in the world. For the end-user, the all-new Gyrofocus is a lot more user-friendly with no sparks coming into your living space when the fire is roaring away.

360° pivoted fireplace

The Gyrofocus is the perfect fireplace for the whole family to enjoy from different aspects of the living area with the option to literally turn the fireplace to your desired viewing area. Since 1968 architects and designers have installed the world’s most dynamic wood fire in many situations including modern hotels and high-end designer properties.

The enjoyable evenings together with friends or family members will leave lasting memories of warm cozy times together.

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