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Fireplace Media walls

Fireplace Media walls both combined with gas fires or electric fires have become the latest trend in home furnishings, not only for the visual impact but also from a practical point of view, unsightly wires & skyboxes, etc can be hidden within the wall.  Both modern and electric fireplaces can be installed combining the tv system perfect for space-saving and with a clean modern visual impact for your living area.

Modern Electric Fires

In today’s market place electric fires have become the must-have product for consumers when renewing their fireplace, stylish designs from manufacturers in the UK and Europe have brought a new dimension to the electric fire sector, with the latest technology dynamic new fires with realistic flame pictures mood lighting and fire beds with light effects but no heat when not required.


With bespoke chimney breast now so popular new concepts in finishing the media wall including Italian Lapitec and the very impressive Dekton both products can dramatically change your ling space with a wide choice of colors and finishes. Wood veneer cladding is also the latest trend with an array of colors etc available to suit your individual taste.



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