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eReflex 135RW Electric Fire

The Gazco electric fire, eReflex 135RW, promises to transform your home with its ambient heating and stunning scenery. Not only are you able to customize the view of your fire with extraordinary aesthetic options, but it also produces up to 2kW of warmth creating a cosy atmosphere in any room of your home! As well as providing a stylish piece for the living room, it’s also easy to use and economical too – simple control makes the eReflex 135RW a delight to use.

The Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote control is the perfect solution for those looking to heat their space with minimal effort. Not only does this fire feature three different flame options – Amber, Amber with Blue Accent, and Blue – but users also have a choice of fuel effects, including Oak Log-effect or Crystal Ice Effect. What’s more, families can still enjoy the aesthetically pleasing effects of the flame and fuel effect lighting without actually having the heat turned on. This allows you to enjoy the stunning colours created without actually having to use the heat.

The eReflex 135RW offers unparalleled convenience and superior design in any kind of fire setting. Configurable as a three-sided, two-sided or single-sided fire, it gives you the flexibility to install it the way you want, no matter what shape your space is. Its eight fuel bed lighting colours plus its cycling spectrum mode are sure to bring any room alive with vibrant flame light displays. Plus, for those concerned about any environmental aspects, the eReflex 135RW includes Ecodesign energy saving features.

With the Gazco eReflex 135RW, you can tailor your electric stove or fire to your desired ambience. This model is equipped with Chromalight® LED System, providing multiple flame effects and a range of atmospheric colours for down lighting of the fuel bed. The powerful ember bed up-lighting further helps in illuminating the fuel effects from below, while transitioning through each vivid colour to give your fire that spectacular look.


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