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Avanti 150RW

The Avanti 150RW is an electric fire that brings together cutting-edge technology and modern design in order to provide a premium heating system with added style. With its powerful 2kW thermostatic heating, this product not only improves warmth but also makes for comfortable temperatures. To top off the Avanti 150RW, it comes with a range of lighting systems and effects for your own unique atmosphere. All of these features are easily controllable from both the Avanti app, or from the accompanying handset. Make sure you get the Avanti 150RW today to enjoy premium heating with added style!

The Avanti 150RW electric fire offers a modern solution to be immersed in the comforting and luxurious ambience of a warming flame. This revolutionary technology allows you to choose between two captivating flame effects including realistic Split Oak or optional Split Silver Birch glowing fuel-effects. With Chromalight® Plus technology, up lighting, log lighting and down lighting come together seamlessly to generate an enchanting backdrop of light. A unique feature of this stove is its ability to enjoy the flames with or without heat so that you can pick and choose according to your mood without having to worry about temperatures getting too hot. This state-of-the-art appliance will ease your mind knowing that with Avanti 150RW electric fire you have beautiful flames which always look inviting whether you’re hosting guests or indulging in relaxation time for yourself.

Bring the beauty of a real burning wood fire into your home with Avanti 150RW. Burnt Ember Logs are specially designed with hidden light systems to cast a natural and ever-changing glow onto Avanti’s larger split oak or silver birch logs, conveying the life and soul of an authentic wood fire. Invite the inviting warmth of Avanti’s Burnt Ember Logs into your home today for the full fire experience.

The Avanti 150RW is a powerful and modern electric fire designed to maximise energy efficiency for your home. With its advanced ecodesign features, the Avanti 150RW cuts energy use significantly. This versatile electric fire can be installed as either a single-sided, two-sided corner or three-sided fixture to fit any living space, providing a warm and cozy atmosphere all year round whilst also responsibly conserving energy.


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