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HASE is a German company that makes some of the most prestigious free standing appliances on the market.

Hase Pride themselves on attention to detail and have a very high regard in the wood burning industry

M-DESIGN’s come from Belgium. The appliances conform to all the current European regulations on efficiency and emissions, and also the regulations proposed for 2016 “ECODESIGN Label”.

Do to the burning technology the glass keeps clear so you can enjoy the view of the fire

XEOOS is a German company that makes the most efficient wood burning appliance on the market. All XEOOS stove boast some of the lowest particulate emissions of any appliance. This is achieved by a complete combustion know as gasification.

TONWERK is a Swiss company specialising in making storage heating appliance, this is one of the oldest forms of heating. These stove are best suited in low energy homes or passive houses as the give a low gentle heat over a long period of time with little fuel.

EVA CALOR is a sister company of EVA STAMPAGGI. An Italian company specialising in slim pellet stoves for heating.

Thanks to it ecological nature, EVA CALOR heats the environment where you live in an eco-friendly manner. EVA CALOR stoves burn wood pellets a renewable and ecological fuel.

TRAFORART take care about the product design, the product quality, and we improve every date to have new models for our catalogue. TRAFORART products are certified under the UE standards. We are present in the international markets. Historically all the metal fireplaces produced by TRAFORART have been created with the vision to obtain the maximum heat without reducing spectacular fire.

Clearview are made in England. They have a very good reputation not only on build quality but the way they keep the glass window clear of smoke deposits to allow the user to enjoy the view of the fire.

Focus Fireplace are based in Yorkshire. Making wooden surround. These can be made to suit the size you require and the colour as well.

Magiglo have a range of gas fires with a realistic coal effect for the more traditional setting.

A family Business in south Lincolnshire, making made to measure marble and stone fireplaces

Make modern and traditional electric fire to provide and easy alternative to installing a full fireplace

Town & Country Stove are made in Pickering in Yorkshire. The make good quality affordable stoves

Nu-Flame make a range of high efficiency gas fires both open and glass fronted.

Traditional electric fires with a renowned reputation.

Accessories for stoves and fireplaces
The fire and the magical atmosphere that surrounds it. Fireplaces and stoves are leading elements of the architecture and style of the house as well as fundamental expressions of a widespread culture of wellness, sustainability, energy saving. The collection of accessories "Firestyle" was born from a passion for the domestic hearth and enriched by additional values​​. The warm elegance of leather, sinuous steel and wood, the charm of hand-crafted. The elegant synthesis of form and function. To add pleasure and beauty to the fire, in any space, beyond time.

Seasoned hard wood logs for bulk delivery in the Cambridgeshire,Suffolk area. Logs can be cut to suit the correct size your appliance needs to burn efficiently.