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Focus Toni



Hase - Sila

Hase - Sila Ceramic

Hase - Luno

Hase - Luno 7kw

Hase - Lagos

Hase - Lagos

Hase -Ottawa

Hase - Ottawa

Hase -Delhi 114

Hase - Delhi 114

Hase - Cartago

Hase - Cartago

Download Manufacturer Brochure (Wood)

M-design - Luna Diamond 1000DH M-Design -1000 DV Diamond

M-Design - Luna 1000DH Gold Gas

M-Design - Luna 1000DV Gold +

M-Design - Luna Gold 550V Gas

M-Design - Venus 850 DHT M-Design - Zino 700 Gold+ M-Design - Venus 730

M-Design - Venus 850DHT

M-Design - Zino 700 Gold

M-Design - Venus 730

M-Design - Venus 700 HT M-Design - Luna 1150DH Gold+ M-design - Luna 1300H Gold Gas

M-Design - Venus 700HT

M-Design - Luna 1150DH Gold

M-Design - Luna 1300H Gold Gas

M-design - 850v Luna Gold Gas M-Design - Venus 630

M-Design - 850V Luna Gold Gas

M-Design - Venus 630

Download Manufacturer Brochure (Gas)

Download Manufacturer Brochure (Wood)

Acquisition Edwardian Carved Corbel

Acquisitions - Edwardian Carved Corbel

Acquisition Large Ruben

Acquisitions - Large Rubens (with shelf)

Acquisition New York

Acquisitions - New York Bolection

Acquisition Springfield

Acquisitions - Springfield (limestone)

Acquisition Thomas Hope

Acquisitions - Thomas Hope

Acquisition William

Acquisitions - William (limestone Regent)

GAIA 4KW Petra 11kw Hydro Slim 16kw

GAIA 4kw

Petra 11kw

Hydro Slim 16kw

Download Manufacturer Brochure

Laura 13KW Hydro Slim Kantina 16kw Elena 7.5kw

Laura 13kw

Hydro Slim Kantina 16kw

Elena 7.5kw

Cheminees Philippe - Barley Cheminees Philippe - Gransden Cheminees Philippe - Maleval

Cheminees Philippe - Barley

Cheminees Philippe - Gransden

Cheminees Philippe - Maleval

C.P Newton CP Corail C.P Sauzelle

Cheminees Philippe - Newton

Cheminees Philippe -Corial

Cheminees Philippe - Sauzelle

Clearview - Pioneer 400 Clearview - Vison inset 500 Clearview - 650 low Canopy

Clearview - pioneer

Clearview - Vison Inset

Clearview - 650 Low Canopy

Clearview - Solution 400 Clearview - Vison 500 6" legs

Clearview - Solution 400

Clearview - Vison 500

Dovre 225 Dovre 250 Dovre 500

Dovre 225   Multi-fuel

Dovre 250    Multi -Fule

Dovre 500   Multi-fuel

Dovre 2000 Dovre Astroline 350 CB Dovre Vintage 30

Dovre 2000 Wood Burner

Dovre Astroline 350

Vintage 30

Electric Fires and Suites

Flame essence Tennyson Flame essence Tyrus Burley egleton

Grand Corble with  Larkin cast

Tyrus in Brass


Burley Stanmpford Evonic E 1000 Dimplex SP16

Stampford Basket

E 1000

SP 16

Doria Central Diamante Central Fancy Central

Doria Central Double Sided

Diamante Central

Fanny Central

Ariadna Frontal lorena Frontal

Download Manufactures Brochure

Ariadna Wall Mounted

Lorena Wall Mounted

Irirs Central

Merlin Slimline Merlin standard Merlin Midline

Merlin - Slimline

Merlin - Standard  

Merlin - Midline  

Download Manufacturer Brochure

Merlin Widescreen

Merlin - Widescreen

Nu-Flame Convector Ultra HE Nu-Flame Hotbox HE Nu-Flame Vitesse HE

Nu-Flame - Convector Ultra HE

Nu-Flame - Convector Ultra HE HIW

Nu-Flame - Vutesse HE

Nu-Flame Synergy Nu-Flame Slim Ratiant

Nu-Flame - Synergy

Nu-Flame - Slimline Radiant HE

Magiglo Tribute Magiglo Accolade Magiglo Aria

Tribute Balanced Flue



Magiglo Premos Magiglo Custom



Tonwerk - Eye Tonwerk - T-Swing Tonwerk - T-Line eco2

Tonwerk - T-Eye

Tonwerk - T-Swing

Tonwerk - T-Line Eco 2

Tonwerk - T-Stone Tonwerk - T-Sky

Tonwerk - T-Stone

T-Sky Eco 2

Download Manufacturer Brochure

Focus Toni Focus Dalton Focus Cotswold

focus Toni

focus Dalton

focus Cotswold

Focus Olivia Focus Plymton Focus Worchester

focus Olivia

focus Plymouth

focus Winchester

Xeoos - X5 Natur Xeoos - X5 Pur Xeoos - X5 Solo

Xeoos - X5 Natur

Xeoos - PUR Twinfire

Xeoos - Solo Twinfire

Download Manufacturer Brochure

Xeoos - X8 Aqua Xeoos - X5 Matten Xeoos - X8 Classic

Xeoos - Aqua X8 Twinfire

Xeoos - Matten X5T With wooden bench

Xeoos - X8 Classic

Parkray Aspect 4 Parkray Aspect 5 Parkray Aspect 8 Slimline

Aspect 4

Aspect 5

Aspect 8 slimline

Parkray Consort 4 Parkray Consort 7 Parkray Chevin 5 Inset

Consort 4

Consort 7

Chevin 5 Inset

Capital Contour Log Store Capital Contour Midi Store Capital Contour Pedistal

Contour Log Store MF

Contour Midi MF

Conour Pedistal MF

Capital Siesta Tall BF Capital Curvation Midi BF Gazco Huntingdon Gas Stove

Curation  Tall BF

Curvation Midi BF

Curvation Pedistal BF

Flues Flues

Download Manufacturer Brochure

Download manufactures Brochure


Hase - Boa

Hase - Boa

Hase - Jupiter

Hase - Lyra

Hase - Merhur

Hase - Neptune

Hase - Saturn

Hase - Silo

Fire Style Zesta

Hase - Uranus

M-Design Bio Clean

Tonwerk - Box

Tonwerk - Speicher Glas

Tonwerk - Speicher Glas

Xeoos - Poker

Xeoos - Poker

Coal products -

Homefire Kiln Dried logs

Burner - Firelighters

Burner - Firelighters

Seasoned hard wood logs