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Hase Catago Wood Burning Contemporary Free standing Stove


Approximate 4Kw – 8Kw


Multifuel (Wood and/or Smokeless solid fuel)

Cleanburn technology

Available in White Glass or Black Glass

Flue Requirement:

Class I – 150m ID outlet


Approx: 355mm wide x 1325mm high x 530mm deep
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Hase Cartago Wood Burning Stove

At Hase, We manufacture our stoves in Trier, in our home town. Where people stay true to their word and their skills. From the initial design up to the stove you take home, we use state-of-the-art production methods and sound craftsmanship to achieve our goal: creating the very best. Every Hase stove that leaves our factory for it new home is the result of decades of experience: efficiency, timeless beauty, sturdiness and durability. Whether you choose a stove made from steel, soapstone or handcrafted ceramic, you can always count on one thing:

Your Hase team